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Nexity is France’s leading integrated real estate group, with business operations in all areas of real estate development and services (residential real estate, commercial real estate, real estate services to individuals and real estate services to companies, distribution networks and client relations, major urban projects) and enjoys a strong presence across all industry cycles (short, medium and long).


Nexity is an engaged participant in regional development and is already dreaming up all the components of the city of the future, taking into account their full breadth of use. This approach is a genuine driver of innovation, progress and growth for all the Group’s clients.


The Group serves three types of clients: Individuals, Commercial (companies and investors), and Local Authorities. Nexity offers its various clients a unique range of products, services and solutions, backed by market-leading expertise and a high level of personal commitment, wherever their real estate needs may take them (purchases, rentals, property management, building operations, property or programme sales, investments, etc.):


> for individuals, , this includes a wide selection of homes for owner-occupiers and buy-to-let investors (including a bare ownership offering thanks to PERL); a broad offering of subdivisions, a range of managed residences (for students or seniors) and a full complement of services (property management, sales of real estate assets, operation of serviced residences);


> for companies and investors, this involves a range of commercial properties (office space, high-rise buildings, logistics space, business parks, retail premises, hotels, etc.), sustainable rehabilitation solutions for existing office buildings, a selection of residential buildings for professional landlords, a full complement of services (property management, building operations, real estate advisory and brokerage services); and


> for local authorities, this includes serving as a partner for the design and execution of major urban projects or large-scale urban regeneration schemes.


Furthermore, the Group coordinates two networks of real estate franchise agencies: Century 21 France and Guy Hoquet l’Immobilier.

As part of Nexity’s growth strategy adopted in 2017, through which it will become a real estate services platform, the Group will henceforth be using its client-centred organisation in all of its financial communications

  • Individual Clients

Nexity is a major player in the development of new homes and subdivisions in France and is also present in northern Italy and Poland

Nexity is a major player in the development of new homes and subdivisions in France.


The Group’s business includes primarily private residential development and bulk sales to social and intermediate housing operators, although it is also in the single-family home market through its subdivision business.


Nexity is a major player in the real estate services sector in France (as well as in certain other European countries) with activities in the following areas:


> all property management services for individuals (condominium management services, sales and lettings, rental property management), whether they are owner-occupiers, investors or tenants, provided throughout France thanks to the coverage offered by the Group’s network of local agencies. Nexity is number 2 in property management for individuals in France and controls one of the leading real estate franchise networks in the French market – Century 21 France;


> real estate services for managing and optimising the value of the real estate assets of large individual investors, including family ownership groups, to whom the Group offers a range of tailored, as well as institutional investors, for whom the Group arranges bulk or unit sales of properties in their portfolios;


> student residences, as the leading private operator serving the residential needs of young people in France, able to offer Studéa-brand solutions meeting the specific requirements of undergraduate or graduate students and career starters while managing buildings and providing rental income to investor-owners under long-term leases;


> senior independent living facilities: In less than 20 years, the Ægide-Domitys Group has become the leading player in senior independent living facilities. This new concept, which it created and which it sells under the Domitys brand, corresponds to the expectations of independent seniors and is attracting a growing number of individual and institutional investors; and


> distribution activities, which include the Group’s business in the marketing and selling of residential developments on behalf of third parties, carried out under the iSelection brand; activities involving the division of property ownership based on the distinction between bare ownership and usufruct, carried out under the PERL brand; real estate brokerage activities, carried out by the Nexity Solutions Crédit subsidiary; and financial advisory activities, carried out by the Nexity Patrimoine subsidiary.


In Europe, the Group also has operations in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

  • Commercial Clients

Nexity launched the Nexity Enterprise Solutions integrated services platform a year ago in order to implement the client-focused real estate services platform strategy. It is designed to accompany the real estate strategies of Commercial Clients, to develop tailored offers and to cover all development, management and operating requirements.

Nexity is a leading player in France’s commercial real estate development market. It deals mainly in office space, especially in the Paris region and major metropolitan areas such as Lyon and Marseille. The Group also develops logistics space and, on a more occasional basis, retail premises and hotels. The development of wood-frame office solutions complements the Group’s offering.


The Group’s commercial real estate projects are mostly pre-sold and are carried out mainly on behalf of two types of clients:

> large private or institutional investors, French or foreign, seeking to derive rental income from real property and eventually profit from capital gains on their real estate assets; and

> end-user companies having buildings constructed to meet their own space needs.


Nexity is also player in real estate services for companies in France with activities in the following areas:

> Property Management: management of portfolios of residential properties, offices or retail premises through the Nexity Property Management and Accessite subsidiaries; and

> Operation and services to occupiers: management of short-term workspaces (Morning Coworking), enhancement of spaces (Hiptown) and company concierge services (Service Personnel).

  • Local Authority Clients

Local Authority Clients corresponds to Nexity’s urban regeneration business (Villes & Projets, which supports local authorities in their urban development projects, from design to delivery.

Serving as a genuine liaison between the various urban development stakeholders, Villes & Projets adopts a long-term strategy encompassing all aspects of these projects:

> by conducting preliminary project studies and entering into partnerships with local authorities or major landowners;

> by serving as a project owner for major urban planning and regeneration projects; and

> by serving as a coordinator and manager for real estate development know-how, particularly for projects involving a significant mix of products, of considerable size and operational complexity.

In this manner, through its subsidiary, Nexity is positioned as both an urban developer and project manager for urban regeneration, thereby also constituting its medium and long-term construction portfolio for all its development subsidiaries in residential and commercial real estate.

  • Other activities

Other activities include in particular investment activities, innovative start-up businesses in the incubation phase, digital investments, the holding company and financial interests.


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