Launching new partnerships and experimentations

Co-creating new services and disrupting existing solutions are a core element of Nexity’s open innovation strategy.


We are aware of the quick changes happening in the real estate market, and the need for fast adaptation of existing services. As a result, we work with innovative partners to offer an ever-improving experience to our clients and business partners.


Our organization is adapted to the fast launch of POC (Proof of Concept) that can lead to long term scale-up partnerships.


Our structure as a customer-oriented services platform aims to develop synergies and collaborations between our business units.


Click on « Contact us » to fill a form with your business information and answer a few questions about what you would like to do with Nexity.


The goal is to find the best match in order to start working together asap. The form allows you to clearly express your interest in a collaboration with Nexity and allows us to keep track of it and make sure you get an appropriate answer.

Nexity’s interests

Nexity is looking for partners to bring new real estate solutions to its clients (Owner or tenants, private individuals or businesses, local governments, and our own employees) on the following, non-exhaustive list of topics: