Urban regeneration

Nexity works to redesign entire districts within dense urban areas by integrating them into the existing urban fabric, respecting the area’s characteristics and anticipating the potential for further development of the area. By offering made-to-measure and flexible responses for each project, from the design phase through to realisation, and then in the procedures for managing future districts, Nexity works to ensure the attractiveness and well-being of these districts today, but also their resilience over time. Wherever necessary, Nexity brings to bear its considerable expertise in the rehabilitation of brownfield sites, anticipating their new uses.

Owing to its strong presence in districts targeted for urban regeneration, Nexity aims to better integrate these areas into the rest of the city, promoting functional diversity through its developments.


Therefore, through its subsidiary Villes & Projets, Nexity plays an active role in:

  • converting and redeveloping urban areas;
  • partnership with local authorities; and
  • integrating these new districts into the surrounding urban, social and economic environment.

For decontaminating polluted sites and soil, Nexity set up a made-to-measure approach and developed a specific expertise to transform and rehabilitate former manufacturing sites:

  • As soon as the decision is made to close down a site;
  • Up until delivery of the decontaminated site; and
  • By securing every aspect of the process for the owner and local authorities.

Social and functional diversity

As the leading partner of social housing operators in its sector in France, Nexity is committed to creating social ties, to proposing programmes that aim to bring diversification to communities, addressing both social and functional aspects, which are essential factors to improve quality of life and ensure the long-term viability of neighbourhoods. Most of our urban development projects are mixed-used (540,400 sq.m- Villes & Projets subsidiary).


The Group’s commitment in social cohesion was rewarded with the gold award of « Pyramides d’Or 2016 » in the « Responsible Management of operations » category for « Arc en ciel – Nice Méridia » project.