Biodiversity protection

From the conception phase of our development projects, steps are taken to ensure ecological continuity (existing green and blue corridors) and to protect biodiversity, to exceed the requirement to protect endangered species, a regulatory prerequisite for any building starts.

Nexity works to bring nature back into cities through our real estate programmes, in particular through projects focusing on:

  • urban agriculture (shared gardens for residents, gathering spots, educational purposes);
  • vegetalisation to avoid heat islands in cities; and
  • installation of beehives from the first phase of construction.

Nexity’s Group also exercises its responsibility to take care of the environment through the ISO 14 001 certification of its subsidiary Nexity Foncier Conseil, France’s leading private-sector developer.

The environmental policy of this certification includes biodiversity as one of the six priority action themes, which are:

  1. Soil
  2. Rainwater
  3. Urban landscapes
  4. Traffic
  5. Biodiversity
  6. Wellbeing

Proof of the seriousness of this approach, Nexity Foncier Conseil achieved a score of A (exemplary) for the performance of its environmental management system in 2015.


In 2019, Nexity signed a partneship with the association “Humanité & Biodiversité” with the aim to set in 2020 a “No net land take plan by 2050”.


Efficient and cost-effective water management

All Nexity development projects take the protection of water resources into account in all project phases. Water management is based on three main priorities:

  1. Rainwater management;
  2. Control of drinking water consumption; and
  3. Domestic hot water production.

Land decontamination

Due to the risks arising on groundwater by soil pollution located near development sites, the Group carries out, before it acquires any land or buildings, an environmental assessment of the quality of the soil and subsoil and the history of the land at the site. Where necessary, site rehabilitation measures are taken.


Raising awareness among local residents

Nexity assists local residents by raising their awareness of environmental issues. By developing environmentally friendly habits, we help them become pro-active for environmental excellence in their neighbourhood.