Concerned to limit its environmental impact, Nexity propose eco-designed and resource-efficient properties in putting forward: environmental certification, renovation and innovative construction methods. These procedures ensure better management and usage of commercial buildings, boosting energy and environmental performance.


Environmental certifications


Nexity was a forerunner in giving due consideration to the environmental and energy performance of its commercial buildings, anticipating changes in regulatory requirements and obtaining a number of certifications:


  • 80% of office operations delivered in 2019 in Île-de-France (the Paris region) are HQE ™ certified (Excellent or Exceptional level) and have reached at least a RT 2012 performance level - 30%.




Nexity has considerable expertise in the renovation of office buildings. Since 2000, a total of around 400,000 sq.m of office space has undergone major renovation works (involving structural rehabilitation and retrofitting).


Alternative construction methods


Nexity relies on innovative and ecological construction methods through its office buildings of wood-frame (Ywood and Térénéo), and is now the first private operator of timber-frame office buildings in France.

At the end of 2019, around 120,000 sq.m of of timber-frame office buildings have been delivered (since 2011), of which 36,100 sq.m were built in 2019.


Some of our exemplary projects:


Ywood, L'Ensoleillée, Aix-en-Provence (1.232 sq.m)


Solstys (31.800 sq.m) : BBC-Effinergie rénovation / HQE / Leed Gold


Palazzo Méridia (Nice):
  • 1st positive energy building in the Nice eco-valley,
  • 90% of wood of French origin,
  • Connected to the new smart “district heating and cooling” networks of the ZAC Nice Méridia
  • Targeted Labels: BBCA 2017, BEPOS Effinergie 2017, E+ C- level E3C2, Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens
  • Delivery : Q1 2020