Since 2005, Nexity has been working to address this challenge through first-time home ownership, buy-to-let investments in social housing, housing solutions for every stage of life. In 2018, 36% of homes developed by Nexity were reserved by professional landlords, of which 65% for social housing. More generally, through its offering of homes at controlled prices, the Group facilitates access to home ownership for first-time buyers, who accounted for 18% of its individual clients in 2018.



Breakdown of new home reservations between 2018 and 2019


To address the shortage of social housing, we have opted for the social usufruct rental scheme in nearly 100 supply-constrained cities, through our subsidiary PERL, the leader in this sector in France.


Offering housing solutions for all and for every stage of life

We are committed to improving access to housing for everyone across the full spectrum of residential real estate needs. From student to senior residences, Nexity is mindful of differing levels of autonomy and financial resources of its clients.

For seniors, Nexity offers:

  • mixed-age social residences and serviced residences thanks to its partnership with the Ægide-Domitys group;
  • Edénéa residences, with higher quality housing inner city to break the occupants’ isolation.

For students and carreer starters, in professional mobility, first job, etc. we offer:

  • Student residences: Studéa. Nexity is the first private operator of student residences in France;
  • Carrer starters’ residences on behalf of social and private investors 
  • Social-purpose apartment hotels, a temporary or permanent housing solution at a moderate cost.

Some key figures

3,654 homes
sold to first-time buyers in 2019, representing 17% of new home reservations
1st partner of social housing operators
23% of home reservations were made by social housing operators in 2019
1st private operator of the urban renovation
4,189 home reservations in ANRU urban regeneration zones and QPV priority urban planning districts representing 19.2% of the group’s new home reservations in 2019