The digital revolution and the emergence of the collaborative culture have led Nexity to rethink the ways in which its office buildings are used. To Foster the emergence of new uses of individuals, we offer :

  • Collaborative workshops are held in the office space market, involving real estate directors from major companies to keep on top of all exciting new trends and changes happening around us; and
  • Nexity Services and experience for Occupants (SAO) is a new service offering that aims at improving the attractiveness of office buildings by means of a dedicated user experience-based approach. Already adopted by some of our customers, it is being deployed within our corporate headquarters to serve 4 main objectives:
  1. Mobility, interaction simplicity and new ways of working
    Hybrid, animated and informal places to interact in other manner
  2. Immersion in design and architecture
    Through transient collections and exhibitions, vernissages and workshops
  3. Digital acculturation
    A mobile app for the building as well as targeted workshops to remove any inhibition regarding continuous innovations
  4. Quality work life and pride in belonging
    Group activities, yoga classes, life-balance workshops and concierge services


Planted areas now play a key role in workspaces for a better quality of working life.
Nexity records an increase in this type of intervention on behalf of Commercial Clients, like tropical garden of the “Manufacture Design” designed as a meeting place for Saguez & Partner in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis).
Downstairs, all services for users are distributed around an interior tropical courtyard planted (50 plant essences) and 781m² accessible (fitness room, meeting room, catering…), the roof top enables to double the planted surface.


Delivery: July 2016
Certification HQE passeport Excellent
Breeam Very Good
RT 2012  -10%
1 562m² planted: 37% of the area
Tropical garden: 50 plant essences


La manufacture - Saint-Ouen