Innovation is the part of the group's DNA

Digital and innovation at the heart of the group's strategy and its CSR approach

Nexity is thinking up new housing models and new ways of working and living everyday life. In association with innovative partners, we are working together to build the city of the future and we believe innovation can deliver improvements to our clients’ lives.

Nexity’s innovation strategy is structured around three main topics:

  • the dissemination and stimulation of innovation at all Group levels,
  • the incubation of new real estate trades; and
  • investment as a strategic tool.


In order to disseminate, support and coordinate innovation for all its employees, Nexity provides assistance to all its operational personnel in their innovative actions through:

  • Methodological support; and
  • The identification of relevant players (from a database of over 1,600 startups in all real estate sectors).

The teams also maintain a permanent watch activity for the Group’s deciders and entities



The real estate business lines must reinvent themselves in response to technological, societal and environmental revolutions. Nexity’s strength in this contact lies in the collective intelligence of its employees. A range of actions has been set up to harness this intelligence:

  • Nex’Idea brainstorming (involving almost one employee in six in 2018 and 2019);
  • Training and awareness on new tools and methods (construction of the business plan, pitch, design thinking, etc.); 
  • Intrapreneurship within Startup Studio; and
  • Welcoming and assisting external startups to bring employees into contact with relevant themes.


Startup Studio, our internal incubator

Startup Studio, which has been running for three years, is located at the heart of the Group’s registered office. Every year, this 250-square-metre space is the venue for two promotions of five projects with a four-month accompaniment programme, during which each team has the methodology to transit from the idea to the functional product including obtaining the first revenue.


Investment in startups

Nexity invests in various startups in the real estate industry, in two ways:


> Through its investments in professional venture capital funds:


Demeter Partners, specialist in investing in startups specialising in the climate-based energy and environmental transition;



Newfund Capital, which focus on technology and the digital transition;



Elaïa Partners, specialising in deep tech.



> By investing directly in startups:

Intent Technologies, operator of IntentPlatform, the french leader in real estate data management.




Anticafé, a network of cafés dedicated to coworkiong.





Urban Campus, a company that designs and operates urban co-living and coworking spaces.