Socio-demographic changes coupled with environmental concerns and climate change have given rise to new agile and connected uses and ways of living. At the same time, cities are becoming increasingly dense and establishing new relationships.

With its sustainable commitment to designing cities, Nexity is helping to bring about a future that is already emerging. The world is changing and Nexity is changing with it.

4 keys trends emerge: 


1. New ways of living and new uses

Digital transformation and faster services, new ways of organising how we work, increasing overlap between the private and professional spheres, environmental awareness, the desire for meaning, optimisation and simplicity... The way we work, live and consume has changed.

     >> That’s why Nexity proposes ever more innovative digital services ; the creation of remote workspaces and hybrid spaces ; and a new way of managing external areas.


2. Improved performance and less resource intensive

Climate change and environmental concerns are making us adopt new ways of thinking and producing. In the space of a few years, these challenges have fuelled innovation and are continuing to inspire new building solutions and user models that are more efficient, more intelligent and more economical.

     >> Nexity answers to this issues by alternative and low-carbon construction methods with ambitious energy efficiency targets, such as wood ; a circular economy approach ; energy-efficient renovation buildings ; development of energy performance contracts and environmentally friendly mobility services.


3. Metropolisation and densification of cities

France’s cities are developing all the time. Although the ideal city doesn’t exist, it is possible to conceive a high quality, modular, more sustainable and more compact model in order to offer residents desirable living environments and encourage urban diversity, better collective living and mobility.

     >> It was in that tensed context that Nexity is actively participating real estate developments that address the most complex urban issues and promotion of mixed-use districts.


4. Demographic growth and sociological changes

Demographic growth, the rise in single parent and blended families, population ageing and the housing shortage have prompted an in-depth review of new ways of “consuming” real estate.

     >> Nexity’s response to these new needs consist on products and services for our clients as their real estateevolve (students, seniors residences …) and Properties suited to new family structures.