The Group’s aim is to be recognised as an exemplary corporate citizen in terms of workforce-related, societal and environmental performance has made CSR central to its mission. This commitment gives shape to all the Group’s thinking and actions with respect to its stakeholders (clients, shareholders, investors, analysts, local authorities, civil society, etc.). Nexity ensures that it is in constant discussion with its various stakeholders in order to better understand their expectations and develop solutions and services that take account of their concerns.


Dialogue with our stakeholders:


In 2018 Nexity set up a Stakeholders Committee comprising around 30 people (including experts, opinion leaders and Nexity representatives), with a view to making progress in this area and continuing to build useful and constructive dialogue with stakeholders. This advisory Committee selects topics to discuss and aims to meet twice a year to discuss Nexity’s CSR challenges and examine the Group’s positioning in this area. The Remuneration, Appointments and CSR Committee presents the Stakeholders Committee’s work to the Board of Directors on a yearly basis.


Service company

  • Marianne Laigneau, Head of International Division of the EDF Group

Academic, forecasters, journalists

  • Carine Dartiguepeyrou, forecaster
  • Denis Pumain, Professor Emeritus of Geography
  • Benoît Raphaël, Robot grower
  • Sharing economy expert (anonymous)

Social and environmental experts

  • Cécile Duflot, Director of Oxfam France
  • Jean Jouzel, Climatologist and glaciologist

Regional authorities

  • Sébastien Maire, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Paris

Real estate experts

  • Dominique Alba, CEO of Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme
  • Jacques Chanut, Chairman of the Fédération Française du Bâtiment
  • Hubert Rodarie, Deputy CEO of SMA BTP (Insurance company)


  • Arline Gaujal-Kempler, Deputy CEO of Foncière INEA
  • Sandrine Lafon-Ceyral, Head of Asset Management at Amundi Immobilier

Social housing operators

  • Didier Manier, Chairman of Lille Métropole Habitat


Materiality matrix

In 2015, Nexity carried out its first materiality matrix.This mapping of the CSR issues makes it possible to prioritise them by cross-referencing the stakeholders’ expectations with the issues that have the most impact on the Group’s activity. The mapping was updated in 2019, by reaching out to the Stakeholder Committee and employees to ascertain their level of expectation for each issue, and also to the Executive Management to ascertain the impact these issues have on Nexity’s activities.