CSR at Nexity

Create value and be useful to society by means of the group's business activities

The Group’s CSR approach is underpinned by the desire to provide concrete responses to major social and environmental issues (demography, urbanization, climate change) to propose products and services to promote, among others: access to housing, the emergence of the sharing economy, the digitisation of exchanges and energy efficiency renovation works.

This approach is translated internally into putting in place a responsible governance system and a responsible human resources strategy.


The four pillars of our CSR policy:



CSR is integrated in Nexity’s strategy and is translated into practice by the fact that the CSR department reports directly to the Group’s Strategy Committee.

Others strong signs of the full integration of CSR issues in the Group:

  • The board added CSR to the remit of the Remuneration and Appointments Committee, which has been renamed as the Remuneration, Appointments and CSR Committee; and
  • The CSR Department has officers within the main business lines.

The CSR Department conducts 3 main duties:

  1. Establishing a formal CSR approach and consolidating performance,
  2. Supporting the CSR efforts of subsidiaries for responses to consultations and tenders,
  3. Identification, operational management and dissemination within the Group of innovations offering social or environmental added value.

As a responsible real estate operator, Nexity goes even further in its commitment to participate in think tanks and working groups on CSR issues (C3D, OID, APC, BBCA association, AFNOR, AFEP, Circolab, etc.).

The commitment to citizens and society of the Nexity’s Group embodies also through the initiatives undertaken by the Nexity Foundation that is committed in particular to combating poor housing, getting as close as possible to the people concerned and perpetuates philanthropic efforts to make housing increasingly accessible. For more informations










«CSR cannot be separated from who we are. It forms an integral part of all the components of our corporate strategy.»


Alain Dinin, Chairman and CEO


The planet is in trouble and inequalities are on the rise. We can no longer act as if it doesn’t matter. At our level, we can do something about it. We make strong, measurable commitments that go well beyond environmental targets, as demanding as they are. Nexity is a social stakeholder, committed to promoting collective living and being useful. Being useful doesn’t simply mean building houses and offices. It also means supporting employment, experimenting and innovating internally, encouraging home ownership, making a commitment to buy-to-let social housing, making cities more pleasant and more accessible, helping our clients make their properties more energy efficient, innovating to serve new types of mobility, making work more flexible, optimising costs...


Extract from 2019 integrated annual report >